Thursday, February 27, 2014

50k followers on Instagram!

I just had to blog about this milestone! I've waited forever to reach this mark and it finally hit! Yay! Thank you everyone for supporting me, it really means so much!

Some randome things about my Instagram some are obvious (which I always get asked about) and some are not 
- Yes, I do live in Seattle (I get asked so many times and it's even on my profile) 
- I am a professional makeup artist if you can't tell 
- I post at least 1 picture a day except weekends
- I try to post a variety of pictures such as my personal life, daily life and my dog Luca. But really it's all about beauty I can't stay away. 
- yes I have a YouTube (again another question I get asked all the time lol)
- I always try to comment back when someone asks a question 
- I am always on IG  
- I go crazy when someone asks me a question when the answer is right there in the description. People, read read read PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
- I have met so many wonderful people on IG including my beauty pen pal Katie! 
- my relationships with brands couldn't have been done without IG. So very blessed with all the exposure these companies give me. So thankful for their support! 
- I usually take my IG pictures with my IPAD mini, Panasonic Lumix or my iPhone 4 
- some of my favorite editing apps are Phototoaster, PixFX, Pixlrexpress and MoreBeaute2
- I hope someday I can be one of Seattle's top instagrammers (doubt this will happen because all I post about is anything and everything beauty related hahahahaahah ) 

If you are not already following me on IG, please do! I would love to share with you my world through Instagram!