VILLA - is the first part of my maiden last name  
beauTIFFul - added an extra F to spell out TIFF which is the first part of my first name  and  many people call me by.

Hi I'm Tiffany  a Seattle based professional makeup artist who loves beauty and has an eye for creativity. Ever since I was a little girl I loved  all things sparkly, glittery, and shimmery would always attract my eye. During my teenage years I was always spending my money on the newest “hot” product that everyone was raving about. The artists knew me by my first name, and I would pay them a visit every time I wanted to escape my own reality hoping someday I would follow in their footsteps. After much time spent at college I decided to follow my passion. For one year I attended the credible Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada specializing in all forms of makeup artistry.  After graduation  I have worked for some of the top name brands in the cosmetic industry, being a key makeup artist for local fashion shows and has beau-TIFF-ied numerous brides for their special days. From an artist, to a counter manager and then a regional trainer I have met some wonderful clients and fellow artists- learning valuable artistry skills and techniques along the way.  I love educating,  teaching new tips and techniques and sharing new products to people who have the same interest as myself.   

Ever since YouTube was first launched I always wanted to create my own how to videos but with a hectic schedule I never had the time.  I thought starting a beauty blog would be a better fit for my schedule, but that didn't last long.  Got lazy and didn't really have the ambition until recently.  I have always been into Social Media but with so much of our lives devoted into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other major social sites, I decided to join and contribute my part in this new generation of Social Media.  My MyMOTD(makeup of the day) style pictures on Instagram have been a huge hit! When I first started with Instagram I didn't know that my daily makeup pictures would be so popular.  I enjoy it and it lets me be creative with makeup once again.  I am loving my new adventure especially all the lovely comments from all the followers out there.  It brings me much joy to know that many people out there enjoy my pictures, posts and videos as much as I enjoy making them.  Thank you to everyone for all the loving support, I appreciate it so much and it motivates me to do bigger and better things.