Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kim K. Midweek Makeup Feature

It's been a great week for me - wedding planning is up and running and I was featured on Kim Kardashian's Official Website/Blog in her Midweek Makeup section!!!!! REALLY? YESSS!!!!   The theme this week is White and Bright.  Not sure how long the section would be up but here is the link ( if you would like to see the whole slideshow.  A lot of great makeups!
I don't follow Kim on a regular basis so when an Instagram follower told me about how she saw my picture in the collage, I just couldn't believe it.

Do you see my picture on the bottom left side? It is the Pink, Tan White Prom Look 1 that I did a couple of months ago.  To view the full post click HERE.

 When you click through the slideshow the full picture is #9.  

It's a great feeling when your work goes noticed, this just makes me want to blog and post more MOTD's on a regular basis.  Wow, what an amazing accomplishment.