Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tutorial: Get Ready With Me Soft Smokey Purple Cat Eye

I recently changed my hair color and I am so happy I did!  I grew out my hair for my wedding and 2 days after I cut it back to my short hair.  I love short hair, but I do wish at times I had long hair to curl it like those celebrities. :D  Do you bored with your hair and always want change? I do! I get bored easily.  Instead of changing the cut I just change the color, thanks to my good friend/stylist Thuy from 44th Street Salon.  She has been my stylist now for over a year and has been a very good friend.  She even did my hair for my wedding, I wouldn't want anyone else to do it but her. I'm thinking about doing some hair tutorials for short hair.  Just some ways that I do my hair for the short Bob sporting ladies. :D It's hard to know what to do with your hair! 

Thuy gave me some magenta highlights right in the front and I wanted to do something that will really compliment the hair.  At first I wanted to do all purple but then that's way too much purple going around.  I decided on MAC Sable Eyeshadow has a lid color and then added some additional colors to define and darken.  

This is my favorite look! It just blends so nicely together!

I think the lashes really give the eye makeup more detail.  
I thought they would be too long when I first saw them but 
look how great they turned out!

I always get asked to get a clean edge when doing a cat eye/arabic eye. 
Use scotch tape! Yes Genius!

Take a peek at the video to learn how to achieve this look

Can't forget about the products!
Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer
Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Sable - lid
MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Saddle - all over crease
MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Sketch -half of lid
MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Beauty Marked - end of eye
MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow Ricepaper mixed with Crystal Avalanche - highlight
MAC Cosmetics Pressed Pigment Black Plum - lid
Eyemimo NTR27 false eyelashes

Face (I am a NC40/NC42 MAC Foundation)
NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation 07 Warm Beige LA Girl Pro Conceal Cool Tan - under eyes
LA Girl Pro Conceal Medium Beige - highlight
LA Girl Pro Conceal Beautiful Bronze - Contour
MAC Cosmetics Melba Blush

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer Etcetera all over liner
MAC Cosmetics Cremestick Liner Cremola - Definition
MAC Cosmetics SISS Lipstick (the best nude lipstick for NC40/NC42 skintone)

Do you change your eye makeup when you change your hair style or hair color?